A child-free weekend: five reasons why they rock

Recharging the parental batteries. Last Thursday my husband and I packed up our car, deposited our children with their grandparents and drove off into the sunset. OK, so it wasn't quite 'into the sunset', but it was about an hour down the road. After a stressful month for both of us we had booked ourselves into a hotel for a couple of days away. (more…)

Everything’s beachy: summer-inspired crafts for children

A selection of Baker Ross summer crafts. It's nearly the end of the May half-term holiday already and the days seem to have whizzed by. Although the weather's been a little hit-and-miss, we've had some fantastic fun together. I think the key is making sure you have all-weather activities planned. Arts and crafts is a perfect example of this. (more…)

Five steps to getting my garden summer ready

Prepping the outdoors for summer. The weather this spring has been a bit hit-and-miss, but if last week was anything to go by, I’m optimistic that summer may not be too far away. We like our garden to be an extension of our indoor space when it’s warm so the other weekend, as the sun beat down upon us, we decided it was time to get our garden ‘summer ready’. (more…)

Summer shorts for my shortie

Some casual summer style with House of Fraser. It doesn't seem that long ago that my children and I started 'operation springtime' because we were so fed up of the seemingly never-ending winter weather. That was actually just over three months ago now. Since that post, not only did spring arrive (eventually!), but summer is now knocking on the door. (more…)

The time I became a football mum

Launching McDonald's new ‘Football Mum of the Year’ award. It was a dry, but cool day. The sky was tinged with the faintest grey from the myriad of clouds floating by. At times it seemed to threaten with rain, but never did, preferring instead to allow the wind to blow in fits across the open ground. I could see my children running around the field in front of me, practising their agility and learning basic football skills. "So this,” I thought, “is what it’s like to be a football mum.” (more…)