Our back to school checklist

Preparing for the start of school in September. In five weeks - 35 days to be exact, not that I'm counting - I will officially become a school mum. Despite Sophia having had the pleasure of primary school for two years now, I haven't put myself into this category before. While Dexter was still at pre-school I could fool myself into thinking my children were still small. (more…)

Three into two

A bittersweet birthday. This month is the month I turn one year older. Not that I ever feel it. That's the beauty of running around after young children I suppose. But here's the thing - my birthday is not just my birthday. I'm in the unusual position of sharing it with my mother and grandfather. Three generations of family all born on the same day. (more…)

A child-free weekend: five reasons why they rock

Recharging the parental batteries. Last Thursday my husband and I packed up our car, deposited our children with their grandparents and drove off into the sunset. OK, so it wasn't quite 'into the sunset', but it was about an hour down the road. After a stressful month for both of us we had booked ourselves into a hotel for a couple of days away. (more…)