Win a new ASOS handbag for busy mums on the run

How important is your handbag to your daily life? I am the proud owner of a number of handbags. Before children they used to be fairly small, just big enough for my purse, phone and perhaps one or two other little things. Nowadays I tend to use these bags rarely. There is only one bag that I use a lot. One bag that I absolutely cannot live without: my 'mum bag'. (more…)

Five creepy crafts for Halloween

Get into the Halloween spirit with Baker Ross. It's very nearly October and despite Christmas cards and chocolates starting to creep onto shop shelves, we've got Halloween to go first. We don't many trick-or-treaters and hardly any of our neighbours dress their houses up for it. But still, it's a nice excuse to have some fun. (more…)

Coping with bedwetting: my story

A video for the DryNites Confident Kids 24/7 campaign. Back in June I was invited to share my experiences of coping with night-time toilet training and the bedwetting stage of childhood. But that wasn’t all. I would be interviewed. And filmed. And the video would be put onto a website - the DryNites website no less - for potentially millions of people to see! (more…)

The weekend edition: swimming, soft play and a rainy day challenge

Our very first weekend vlog! I've always been interested in video. I would say that it's the broadcast journalist in me - I used to be one before moving into the world of PR - but truth be told, it's something that I've always enjoyed. I like the creativity that video affords and the different ways it can be used to tell a story. As a mother, I love to capture our honest lives. (more…)

Our back to school checklist

Preparing for the start of school in September. In five weeks - 35 days to be exact, not that I'm counting - I will officially become a school mum. Despite Sophia having had the pleasure of primary school for two years now, I haven't put myself into this category before. While Dexter was still at pre-school I could fool myself into thinking my children were still small. (more…)