How to motivate your kids to clean their rooms

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Although my children are only four and two and I thought I wouldn’t have to address this issue any time soon, it seems the problem of keeping bedrooms clean and tidy is relevant at any age. I don’t yet have piles of laundry flung all over the floor or anything like that, but I do have books and toys to continually pick up and store away in toy boxes and I’m aware that the chances of their rooms looking like a bomb has hit them will only increase as they get older.

I’d like to nip it in the bud; start them tidying up after themselves early in the hope that ridiculously messy bedrooms will be something I never have to face (apart from my own) – I admit to getting a bit ‘twitchy’ if things are too untidy. So here’s some advice on how to motivate your kids to clean their rooms without nagging, moaning or shouting.


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When it comes to chores, most of us dislike nagging others to do them, especially when these chores concern the children. Many parents will have heard the lines ‘what does it matter what my room looks like, I’m the only one that goes in there’ time and time again and instead of nagging, there are a number of ways you can encourage your kids to clean their rooms without creating a fuss.

Offer a reward

Kids enjoy a challenge and if you offer a reward for their hard work, they’ll certainly complete the task a lot quicker. This reward can be in the form of a monthly allowance, a trip to the cinema or even something as simple as having pizza for tea.

Create a chore chart

A chore chart complete with stickers is a great motivation tool and one that will encourage your children to work harder in order to gain more stickers. Acquiring a certain number of stickers could lead to a reward and you may even find that competitive urges between siblings drive them to take on more chores than normal!

Teach them to tidy up after guests

Kids often have friends to stay over, which is where a couple of sofa beds come in handy. However, most parents will find that such beds are left unfolded days after the sleepover has taken place. It’s important to teach your children the rule of tidying up after guests so try explaining that the quicker certain tasks are completed, the easier they become.

Work as a team

Instead of leaving your child to tackle the mess alone, help them with this task. Offer encouraging words such as ‘two hands make light work’ or ‘the quicker we’re done, the quicker we can go outside’.

Turn cleaning into a game

As cleaning is associated with chores, it’s often an experience that is thought of as little fun. However, if you make tidying into a game, then your kids may even start to enjoy it. Make it a race, stating that the quicker they are the quicker they get to eat dinner or go out. Kids enjoy games and if tidying turns into an interesting and fun activity then you won’t need to nag them to take part.

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